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An innovator usually never becomes an entrepreneur, but an entrepreneur, in order to succeed in the market, must be an innovator.Listen to how the Covid-19 pandemic spurred innovation in the ONLINE edition of Sarajevo Unlimited, November 5 and 6, 2020


The crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has largely disrupted organizations, companies and businesses with orders for temporary closures.

However, as history has shown, producers are a seasonal group of highly qualified professionals capable of finding interesting ways to find themselves again - they often return even stronger when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The way manufacturers respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will ultimately demonstrate their resilience. While it’s hard to predict what the current situation will mean in the long run, it will undoubtedly force most manufacturers to seriously reconsider their business. And that means companies will have to make bold decisions to survive COVID-19 and embrace a new approach to business.

Bold decisions and technology investments could lead to results, including a more coordinated and widespread transition to digital forms, investment in smart cities to support community resilience, the transition to virtual workspaces and practices, and maximum inclusion and acceptance of new systems to move forward.

For the past four years, Sarajevo Unlimited has been talking, promoting, opening discussions, panels on innovation and entrepreneurship, and in any case going ahead of its time. Although the company was not ready to fully accept the arrival of new technologies, Covid-19 under force accelerated this.

Before we feel the potential long-term impact, there will be some serious short-term implications. Contractions in the consumer part, disruptions in supply chains and reduced availability of components will create a turbulent sea. There will be a reduction in investment in modernization in the short term, as survival instincts prevail on the path to prosperity.

The new reality will certainly encourage new innovations, and as a result, the need for technologies in the new digital industry - 4.0 has never been greater. Companies do well when they grow. A 3D printer used to manufacture aircraft parts can be used to manufacture respiratory ventilators, and this has been shown during a pandemic in almost every country in the world.

Innovation among countries and the possibility of using locally available materials to strengthen their fight against Covid-19 have been encouraged. Underestimating the pandemic was a challenge, Sarajevo Unlimited will be organized ONLINE this year. This year's innovations will not be visible to the eye, but thematically dedicated to our readiness to enter the 4.0 age.

I deeply believe that the next innovations resulting from the crisis caused by the pandemic will be presented at the next Sarajevo Unlimit


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In addition to the great speakers of the Fifth Forum of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship - Sarajevo Unlimited 2020, you will also have the opportunity to attend the panels of the Digital Factory, a new approach to support startups, as well as a gaming competition for the first time in Sarajevo.




Digital fabrication / manufacturing technologies - are a new threshold for industry, and apparently for human civilization as a whole. Listen to what our speakers have to say on the subject.




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Listen to what our speakers from the world of business and entrepreneurship have to say on the panels of this year's Sarajevo Unlimited. How they faced the greatest crisis of the modern age.


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